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New Lisk SDK documentation updates

Good news everyone!

The SDK documentation got updated to SDK v5.1, adding the documentation for the newest features of the SDK, which greatly improve the development experience.

The most important changes are:
- Added a new guide, how to bootstrap a blockchain application: https://lisk.com/documentation/lisk-sdk/guides/app-development/setup.html#bootstrapping-a-new-blockchain-application-with-lisk-commander
- Updated the Lisk Commander reference with the newly available commands and updated the Module, Asset and plugin guides to make use of the new commands: https://lisk.com/documentation/lisk-sdk/references/lisk-commander/commands.html
- Added a new guide, how to test a blockchain application: https://lisk.com/documentation/lisk-sdk/guides/app-development/testing.html
- Added the reference for the new SDK test suite: https://lisk.com/documentation/lisk-sdk/references/lisk-framework/test-suite.html

We hope you find the new content useful.

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Have a good day!


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