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Welcome to HackOnLisk!

Welcome to the HackOnLisk hackathon everyone!

It’s really cool to see how many of you already signed up! \o/
We prepared a list of useful information to get you a smooth start with HackOnLisk. Check below.

- The first important step is to join the Lisk Discord channel https://lisk.chat
All hackathon related channels can be found under the "HACKONLISK" category.
The Lisk chat will be the main communication channels during the hackathon, and we highly recommend everyone to join to stay up to date.

- If you are searching for teammates/teams: Head over to to Lisk Discord channel Lisk.chat. Under the "HackOnLisk" category, you will find the channel #team-search, where you can introduce yourself or your project idea to the other participants and teams. We will also be there to assist you!

- Dedicated team channels: We offer to create dedicated team channels on Discord for existing teams. If you wish to have a dedicated team channel, please ping me on Lisk chat (Monski#2176).

- Mentors: Every team participating in the hackathon can rightly request for a mentor :). In brief, a mentor is an already experienced Lisk SDK developer, who’s role is to support the team with all issues and questions that they encounter during the hackathon, especially if they are related to the Lisk SDK. If you would like to have a mentor for the hackathon, simply ping me on Lisk chat (Monski#2176).

- We highly recommend you to check out the links on the resources page at https://hackonlisk.devpost.com/resources which should give a good kickstart in developing blockchain applications with the Lisk SDK.

- Further support: You are welcome to ask all your open questions in the channels #developers and #general on Lisk chat. Our community members and moderators are always happy to help with any kind of problem and question.

That's all for now.
Have a great day everyone, and happy hacking! :)


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